Pokimane Tells That ‘Stans’ Have Made The Streaming World More Inclusive

One of Twitch’s most popular female streamers Pokimane has revealed her views on super-loyal and enthusiastic fans, also known as Stans.

While the rise of more and more celebrities has become common, thanks to the internet, so has the rise of stans! Stans are the zealous and super-loyal fans of an Internet personality who take no criticism from anyone about her favorite creator.

While many people believe that stans are bad for the Twitch community, others say that it is a ‘positive’ for streaming. After all, BTS Army, Ludwig, and some other twitch streamers are nothing without their stans.

‘Lot Of Opinions on Stans’

Pokimane Anys also talked about the choice between normal fans and the stans. Here is what Pokimane said:

“I agree all new-age fans have helped a lot, but in my opinion, the particular dedicated and younger fanbase have been majorly influential.”

“People have a lot of opinions on stans,” the Twitch streamer said, “but it’s undeniable they’ve made the gaming sphere more inclusive for women, LGBTQ+ people, and people of color, and I’m very grateful for that.”

Pokimane Warns Stans

“Plenty of fans refer to themselves as stans but don’t exhibit obsessive or unhealthy behavior,” said. “Those that do need to understand it’s not okay.”

While Pokimane is all for “stans” in the streaming scene, she’s been less eager to see parasocial relationship relations spring up in her Twitch chat recently.

Recently, Pokimane was caught off guard while streaming when her viewers began asking personal relationship questions to her.

“It’s weird and obnoxious,” she said. “Please stop trying to psychoanalyze or micro-manage my relationships with others. I live my private life off-stream.”

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