Pokimane Warns To Cut Ties With Livestreaming Software Streamlabs

Pokimane is one of the most popular streamers on the planet. Her streams are always fun and entertaining. However, recently she took a tough stance when she warned Streamlabs that she would severe ties with them if they don’t fix the ‘entire thread of issues’ surrounding them.

But what are these issues which Pokimane is talking about? Well, Streamlabs has found itself in hot waters as its competitors accuse the platform of copying their work.

The Background

The Streamlabs website and another competitor called Lightsream’s website resemble one another to a very high degree. And guess what? Streamlabs was created after Lightstream so the culprit who has copied the work of the other is certain.

The CEO and co-founder of Lightstream took to Twitter to call out the team of Streamlabs.

“Streamlabs should be ashamed,” said the CEO and Co-Founder of Lightstream. “Not satisfied enough to ride OBS’ hard work. Now to copy ours down to the layout and every word on our marketing site and our UX in this product.”

Similarly, another company OBS Studio has also accused Streamlabs of copying their work. “Near the launch of SLOBS, Streamlabs reached out to us about using the OBS name. We kindly asked them not to. They did so anyway and followed up by filing a trademark.”

“We’ve tried to sort this out in private, and they have been uncooperative at every turn… We’re often faced with confused users and even companies who do not understand the difference between the two apps.”

Pokimane Reacts

Meanwhile, now streamer Pokimane has jumped in to give her two cents, perhaps because she is affiliated to Streamlabs and also has a picture of her on their website. Pokimane took to Twitter and asked Streamlabs team to sort out the ongoing issues or else she would move away from the platform.

Here is what Pokimane tweeted:

“Streamlabs better resolve this entire thread of issues or I’ll be asking them to take my face off the platform + look to use another donation service.”


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