On the first day of its release in Japan, “Christmas Tree” sets new records

BTS’ V’s ‘Christmas Tree’ was officially released in Japan almost two weeks after its worldwide release and reception, and was well-received by Japanese ARMYs! It’s just been a day since the song was released, yet it’s already set and broken world records. In less than three hours, ‘Christmas Tree’ reached number one on Japan’s iTunes!

V became the first and only Korean solo artist to achieve number one on iTunes Japan with two solo tracks, the OST for Park Seo Joon’s ‘Itaewon Class,’ a lovely ballad titled ‘Sweet Night,’ and ‘Christmas Tree,’ for ‘Our Beloved Summer,’ both of which star the same female lead, Kim Da Mi. With ‘Sweet Night,’ he became the first Korean solo artist to reach the top of the Japan iTunes charts.

The OST opened at number 13 on Line Music Japan, the biggest debut for a Korean OST in the platform’s history, and the instrumental version peaked at number 95. It also added a few new recordings to its library! On-Line Music Japan’s daily chart, ‘Christmas Tree’ debuted at number 19. It’s the first Korean soloist’s OST to reach the top 20. It is the highest-charting OST by a Korean singer, having debuted at number two on Line Music Japan’s daily BGM & Melody Top 100 chart.

In Japan, the OST has only been out for a day and is already receiving a lot of love, topping charts and breaking records, and receiving praise from Japanese ARMYs who can’t get enough of V’s wonderful voice! 

‘Christmas Tree’ Makes History On The Billboard Charts

The Billboard rankings have been updated this week and BTS’ V’s song ‘Christmas Tree’ has officially debuted at No. 1 on the Digital Song Sales chart. The song, which was released as part of the soundtrack for actor Choi Woo Shik and actress Kim Dami’s drama ‘Our Beloved Summer,’ was the best-selling single in the United States for the week.

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