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Noah Centineo Details His SuperHero Shred For DC’s Black Adam

Noah Centineo will be playing a DC superhero Atom Smasher in the upcoming movie of Shazam! spin-off Black Adam. The actor recently opened up about the extensive preparation that has gone into bulking up for the role.

He sat down with Australian radio show, Smallzy’s Surgery as he revealed that he would have to train for hours and eat more than 6000 calories per day. The actor shared how the last time he gained, he was eating 6500 calories everyday. However, he affirmed that this time it will not be that bad.

The production for the upcoming venture is due to begin in the coming weeks. Noah became a fan favorite in his Netflix romantic comedy All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. He was at the gym for two hours every day as he was doing high-intensity interval training.

The actor shared at one stage he was eating a very large breakfast every day which consisted of 12 eggs, steak, potatoes, and two bowls of oatmeal. Back in March last year, the actor revealed that he had already gained 30lbs of lean muscle tissue for the role.

Noah shared a video of himself from the gym as he was leg pressing 80lbs (367 kgs). He said by the end of his initial training, he was able to leg press 1008 lbs (457 kgs). The production of Black Adam was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the movie seems to be back on track soon enough.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson confirmed after years of rumors that he was finally bringing antihero Black Adam to life on the big screen. The character was originally meant to appear in DC’s 2019 film, Shazam!

Black Adam’s Origin Story

Black Adam is scheduled to begin filming in the coming months in Atlanta, Georgia. Dwayne is suited up and ready for battle in the first image from his upcoming superhero film, “Black Adam.” The “Fast & Furious” actor, who is making his DC superhero debut in the New Line movie, dropped a teaser for the DC FanDome panel tonight with a quick look at his get-up.

“The hierarchy of power in the DC UNIVERSE is about to change,” he wrote. “Black Adam arrives tomorrow at #DCFanDome. Personally, I salute my Warner Bros and DC partners for creating this historic opportunity for fans to absorb our entire DC universe while we all continue to manage the challenges of COVID. Well done. The man in black is coming to crush them all.”

Black Adam is the story of a man from ancient times who is granted the power of six mythological heroes and gods: the stamina of Shu, the swiftness of Heru, the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti, the power of Aton, and the courage of Mehen.

Johnson first announced his involvement in a Nov. 14 Instagram post with concept art of the character. Alongside a heartfelt caption describing what the role meant to him.

“Like most kids growing up, I dreamed about being a superhero. Having cool superpowers, fighting for what’s right, and always protecting the people. It all changed for me when I was 10 yrs old and was first introduced to the greatest superhero of all time – SUPERMAN.”

“I’m honored to join the iconic #DCUniverse

The actor further added, “As a kid, Superman was the hero I always wanted to be. But, a few years into my fantasy, I realized that Superman was the hero I could never be. I was too rebellious. Too rambunctious. Too resistant to convention and authority. Despite my troubles, I was still a good kid with a good heart. I just liked to do things my way. Now, years later as a man, with the same DNA, I had as a kid, my superhero dreams have come true.”

Dwayne further expressed his gratitude as he shared how honored he feels to be a part of the DC Universe. He wrote, “I’m honored to join the iconic #DCUniverse and it’s a true pleasure to become Black Adam.”

Black Adam is blessed by magic with the powers equal to Superman. But the difference is he doesn’t toe the mark or walk the line. He’s a rebellious, one-of-a-kind superhero, who’ll always do what’s right for the people, but he does it his way. Truth and justice — the Black Adam way. This role is unlike any other I’ve ever played in my career and I’m grateful to the bone we’ll all go on this journey together.”

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