NELK Boys Speak With Former Editor ‘905 Shooter’ On Full Send Podcast After 2 Years

The NELK Boys are one of the most well-known and popular social media groups on the planet. But during their rise to fame, they did one peculiar thing, kicking out their early crew member aka video editor ‘Jason ‘905 Shooter’ Pagaduan’.

Time is such a menacing tool that now the leader of NELK boys Kyle Forgeard confronted his former editor once again on the Full Send podcast.

And what happened? It definitely didn’t go down well and things might have just gotten more bitter between 905 shooter and NELK Boys.

Why Was The Editor Fired?

While NELK Boys fired the editor because he was ‘fu**i*g lazy’ and lacked ‘work ethic’, 905 shooter had his own reasons for behaving the way he did.

The former editor was also accused by many women of sending “unwanted, repetitive, and unsolicited videos.”

Before the former editor arrived in the Full Send podcast studio, the founding member of NELK Boys ranted about why 905 shooter was suspended.

“It was 50/50. Work ethic, and what he did and “d*** pics were the final straw,” he said.

‘He Was F****ng Lazy’

“He was f***ing lazy,” the NELK Boys founder added.

“He kind of took things for granted because he came on at an early level. He didn’t even know how to edit videos before he joined NELK. I taught him how to do subtitles.”

905 Shooter, however, felt otherwise. The reason he was behaving that way was because he was ‘pushed into such a position’.

Will 905 Shooter Join NELK Boys Again?

“I was put into a position where I was talked into becoming a different person,” he argued.

“Sort of groomed into becoming a frat boy, binge drinker type where it felt cool to be part of that lifestyle.”

“I could have decided on my own, maybe it was time to mutually quit,” he said. “That would have been the decent way of going out if I chose to.”

With all that went down during the Full Send podcast, it is tough to imagine that 905 Shooter would return and join NELK Boys again.

NELK Boys already clarified that 905 Shooter is ‘not the right fit for them’ at the moment


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