MrBeast Wants To Be In A Hollywood Movie Alongside Ryan Reynolds

YouTube sensation MrBeast has a wish! It is to appear in a Hollywood movie alongside the legendary actor Ryan Reynolds, more particularly in Free Guy 2.

MrBeast is one of the most followed influencers on planet earth. he has over 100 million subscribers on YouTube with all his channels combined. The YouTuber creates viral content in which he is often seen giving away a lot of money and materialistic possessions to his crew, friends, and poor.

MrBeast rose to fame with his giveaway and philanthropic videos but made sure that he does not restrict himself to just those. He also started streaming games on his MrBeast Gaming channel and then ventured into business with a burger chain named Beast Burger. Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is certainly the definition of ‘multi-talented’.

‘We’re Down To Be In Your Movies’

MrBeast, however, has one wish that remains to be fulfilled- to appear in Hollywood movies.

In his latest video, after watching a clip from the video-game based movie Free Guy, MrBeast expressed his wish to appear or do a cameo in the seque.

“Why didn’t he put us in that video game movie, Free Guy?” asked MrBeast’s team mate Chris.

“It would have been cool to be in Free Guy,” replied MrBeast following the clip of Reynold’s divisive superhero film Green Lantern. “But I understand,” he said and then Chris jokingly added: “You don’t like us, you’re more of a Jacksepticeye kind of guy.”

“But, if you change your mind in the future, we’re down to be in your movies!” MrBeast concluded.

TeamTrees Campaign

Recently, the YouTuber has launched a new project by the name of ‘TeamSeas’. The project aims to clean the oceans, 30 million pounds of waste in particular.

The TeamSeas project raised over $10 million within few days from the launch and continue to gain traction each passing day. The cause is a noble one and MrBeast is confident that they can achieve the goal if the support continues.

MrBeast has been talking about his latest endeavor a lot, be it asking Jake Paul to donate to his cause or appearing at the Jimmy Kemmel Live Show, he has done it all.

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