MrBeast Burger Goes Viral After Customer Receives Raw Chicken In Their Order

MrBeast is one of the biggest YouTube stars on the planet. Having amassed more than 75 million subscribers on the platform, the YouTuber is the example of ‘anything is possible’.

MrBeast is not just a YouTuber but also the owner of a Burger chain called MrBeast. He launched Beast Burger and decided to operate out of already established kitchens. While the YouTuber has now expanded to more than 1,000 locations in USA, Canada, and UK combined, there are times when Beast Burger comes under fire for ‘disgusting’ orders.

Raw Chicken In The Burger

Recently, a similar incident occurred when one of the customers who ordered Beast Burger received raw chicken in their order. The customer who goes by the alias ‘Kingsavage07’ on reddit shared the picture of the order on the platform.

And to no one’s surprise, the post is going viral and people have started questioning MrBeast. Even though Kingsavage07 got a refund from the team of Beast Burger, it does not nullify the fact that a mistake was made.


Comments under the post poked fun at MrBeast and his burger initiative. One comment read “If you feed it, you might get some fresh eggs in a day or two”, while another said “It needs another couple of hours on the radiator. For real though, that’s incredibly dangerous. It could kill someone.”

To all the skeptics who claimed that the picture was not from BeastBurger brand, the post originator confirmed by posting the receipt of the order.

MrBeast Faces Criticism

This is the second incidence this week where YouTube sensation MrBeast was under hot water. Recently, he was also criticized for spending a lot of money on the recreation of the famous Netflix series, Squid Game.

“There is no part of me that understands this. They’re children’s games,” they said. “They’re based on real games children play. You can just play them, why do so many people think “Squid Game in real life” is cool?”

“Doesn’t even look good,” they commented. “It’s like a 20-foot paint job, most of the more intricate visual details are missing, especially in the alleyway set.”


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