Monsta X’s Global Domination Continues With MTV EMA Nomination

A K-pop group’s all-English album screams global dominance like nothing else. Monsta X has announced their second full English album, ‘The Dreaming,’ following the global success of their prior full English album, ‘All About Luv,’ published in 2020.

Monsta X pre-released the track ‘One Day’ ahead of the release of their English album, and it received a lot of great feedback online. Because the group’s leader Shownu is on hiatus owing to his necessary military service; the upcoming album will be their second official comeback as a five-member group. Monsta X made their formal comeback on October 19, announcing a domestic album that will be released in November 2021.

Monsta X announced their global comeback three days later, on October 21; with the release date of their second English album, ‘The Dreaming.’ This will be their second album to be released in the United States; with the members announcing a tracklist and a release date. Shownu is expected to appear on the record, which would please fans who have been missing their leader.

Shownu revealed before his enlistment that he had planned a number of activities for his fans before leaving for the military; and fans are hoping that he will be a part of not only the English album but also the domestic release; which is set for November 2021.

Monsta X’s second full-length English album will be released on December 10th. The release date has yet to be determined. The K-Pop group revealed the album’s tracklist on October 21. Along with the pre-released tune ‘One Day,’ which was published on September 1; their second English studio album will have ten songs in total.


These are the tracks on the album:

1. ‘One Day’,

2. ‘You Problem’

3. ‘Blame Me’

4. ‘About Last Night’

5. ‘Secrets’

6. ‘Tied To Your Body’

7. ‘Whispers In The Dark’

8. ‘Better’

9. ‘Blow Your Mind’

10. ‘The Dreaming’

While further specifics regarding the album’s tracks are being kept under wraps, the concept appears to be similar to the guys’ previous concepts, which dealt with time travel and passing time. Members are looking forward to the release, while fans are anticipating more spoilers from the next release.

Monsta X has always had a very dedicated and great fanbase in the United States and the United Kingdom, but rookie K-pop groups are only recently gaining international prominence. The members turned to Twitter on September 10 to express their gratitude to fans for their love and support after the group was named ‘The Best Artist in the USA’ at the sixth annual Top Ten Awards.

Their growing international popularity only adds to the group’s chances of being nominated for one of the UK’s most prestigious awards programmes. MTV announced the candidates for the 2021 Europe Music Awards on October 21, with a few K-pop acts nominated in numerous categories.

Monsta X has been nominated for the MTV EMAs in the K-pop category. Members moved to Twitter to thank their followers and encourage them to vote for the band, which began voting on October 21 for fans all over the world.


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