Lay Zhang To Drop Solo Mini-Album After EXO’s Comeback, Ends Hiatus

Lay Zhang aka Zhang Yixing has had a successful 2021 even though there is still time left for the year to end. The singer has come back to EXO after going for a break in 2017.

Lay could not take part in group activities because of the Chinese-South Korean tensions. He is the ambassador of the Communist Youth League of China. But he joined the band for their summer release Don’t Fight The Feeling. The idol is set to premiere his solo album East after joining the group, delighting his members and fans.

Lay is a part of EXO and under SM Entertainment’s management. All of his music and albums are still being managed by the agency. East will be a collaboration between SM Entertainment and Yixing Studio. His solo album comes after his studio album Producer that he had released back in February 2021.

His album will be released on October 15 and will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MeIOn and more. Here is the tracklist for the mini-album.

1. ‘Samadhi Real Fire’

Probable track names

2. ‘Flying Apsara’
3. ‘East’
4. ‘Shepherd’

The idol has already released Samadhi Real Fire as his pre-release single on his birthday. Fans think that the idol has spoiled the track names by using them as captions on his social media. He has always tried to inculcate culture and rich Chinese heritage in his music and East is no different. He will be making use of Far East elements and will be telling a new story of his fantasy universe.

Lay has also started a new charity project called Flying Apsaras and Chasing Dreams. His fans were trending Yixing is coming to hype the album. A fan wrote, “KING IS COMING. LAY IS COMING. YIXING IS COMING.” Another posted, “Yup fck yes u are right Zhang Yixing is coming! This is a nice gift for us!” One fan commented, “Yixing’s new EP #EAST will be released in 3 days! Make sure to prepare yourselves because #YIXINGISCOMING to serve everyone an EP full of masterpieces.”


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