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Miley Cyrus Revealed What “Sucked” the Most About Her Very Public Divorce From Liam Hemsworth

Just weeks after one of her most candid interviews on the Call Her Daddy Podcast, Miley Cyrus is back again with yet another refreshingly outspoken conversation. This time, the Midnight Sky singer sat down for a chat on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, this Wednesday.

The Duo covered a lot of ground during their two-hour conversation. Throughout the show, Miley opened up about topics like veganism, drugs and being overworked as a child star, to name a few. Cyrus also got candid about her very public breakup from ex Liam Hemsworth and reflected on her personal growth since then.

Although the singer never referred to him by name, she did talk about how hard it was dealing with people’s perceptions of her. How she initially struggled letting go of the relationship. And what she’s looking for now as a newly-single woman.

“I recently just went through a very public divorce that f***ing sucked”

Cyrus and Hemsworth, who had quite a public relationship, ignited their romance on the set of their film The Last Song in 2008. What followed was an on and off relationship. Miley and Liam were engaged from 2012 to 2013 and split for several years thereafter. The couple ended up rekindling their romance in 2016 before tying the knot in 2018. However, a few months into their marriage in August 2019, they officially separated, citing irreconcilable differences.

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“I recently just went through a very public divorce that f***ing sucked,” she started. “What really sucked about it wasn’t the fact that me and someone that I loved realized that we don’t love each other the way that we used to anymore. That’s okay. I can accept that. I can’t accept the villainizing and all those stories.”

“There was a lot of time in between that that you didn’t see”

Cyrus went on to emphasize that her separation from Hemsworth, and her subsequent relationships didn’t happen overnight.

“It’s just amazing to me that the public kind of thinks that there’s no gap of time that they didn’t see that could possibly be what led to this. Like, it’s not ‘one day you were happy on the carpet and the next day you were making out with your friend [Kaitlynn Carter] in Italy! What the fuck? There was a lot of time in between that that you didn’t see.”

“I haven’t been single in like … maybe five years”

Miley is referring to her very brief but public relationship with lifestyle blogger, Kaitlynn carter. The duo sparked romance rumors shortly after the pop star’s breakup, as photos surfaced showing them locking lips in Italy. Before either of them could publicly confirm the news, reports revealed that they had parted ways. Miley has previously spoken about how she struggled with being portrayed as someone who had cheated.

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The singer was also romantically linked to fellow singer, Cody Simpson in October 2019 after the two were spotted on a breakfast date shortly after her split from Carter. The duo lasted for 10 months, before sources confirmed in July that she had broken up with the 23-year-old musician.

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The singer admitted on the podcast that because of her back to back relationships, this period of her life was the first time she had been single since 2015, calling it a “super pivotal moment.”

“I haven’t been single in like … maybe five years,” she said. “I’ve had a few months here and there where I’ve been single but not for a long period of time.”

“When it’s over, it’s over. You’re dead to me, and I move on”

Towards the end of the conversation, Miley even went so far as to claim that love can give the same kind of high as drugs.

She said, “I called the love of mine who I was with when we got divorced, it was almost like a pacifier,” she said. “It was that thing I just needed not because we were in love anymore but because of the comfort. Because my brain said, ‘oh, this feels better. This is comforting.’ Knowing that I was giving in to an addiction made me feel way worse,” she said. “It felt like a relapse every time I’d go back.”

Miley also confessed that when she’s done with a relationship, she doesn’t look back. Sometimes that makes her look like a “cold fucking b***h” to some people, but that’s just the way she is. “I’m really into a lot of freaky things, but I don’t fuck dead guys,” she joked. “When it’s over, it’s over. You’re dead to me, and I move on.”

“You better know what you want”

As for her dating life right now, Miley revealed that she has one non-negotiable deal. Which stems from what she learned during her relationship with Liam. “You better know what you want because I’m just not interested in taking another 10 years like I did with my first love to figure that out.”

Cyrus seems to be quite firm with her belief. Especially since she said something along the same lines in the Call Her Daddy podcast as well. The singer mentioned that if she were to get into a new relationship now, she needed ‘a calming partner.’ “I need an anchor, I need a weight,’ said Miley.

“Why would I celebrate with feeling like a volcano has erupted in my brain?”

Apart from her love life, Miley also dwelled on her journey with sobriety since undergoing a vocal surgery. “Alcohol was never my problem,” Miley explained. “Now I just really avoid drinking because I like to wake up at 110 percent. But it’s never really been my problem. I could see myself having a drink of celebration in the future,” said the singer. However, she did add that she found the hangover quite unpleasant. “Why would I celebrate with feeling like a volcano has erupted in my brain, you know?”

Miley also pointed out that she doesn’t judge anyone who may dabble in recreational drug use. Especially since her family is full of a “bunch of stoners.”

“I don’t like the idea that we teach them that this is a sunshine world”

In the podcast, the pop star surprisingly revealed that she wanted to write a series of children’s books to share her knowledge. Since she believes people are “not just taught” about drugs and alcohol.

Miley explained, “I don’t like the idea that we teach them that this is a sunshine world and everyone walks on a rainbow and everyone’s equal. That’s not true. And I think there’s a way to not terrify children of life. Even though I go in and out of periods where I think life is really overwhelmingly terrifying.”

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The Wrecking Ball singer acknowledged that although this is a “controversial” idea, she admitted that if the series were to actually happen, it won’t solely be about drugs. “I think that we need to talk about equality. And I do think there needs to be diversity in children’s books,” she said.

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