Mike Tyson Explains Why Floyd Mayweather Is NOT Boxing’s GOAT

Mike Tyson has been a boxing legend and, in many previous interviews, has often paid tribute to his greats. Even when he retires after taking his place among those legends, ‘Iron Mike’ still seems annoyed whenever sports personalities are not honored.

After the completion of his career, Floyd Mayweather called himself ‘TBE’ – The Best Ever. He says this boldly since retiring undefeated with a perfect record of 50-0, surpassing that of former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano who left the game 49-0.

Mike, 55, disagrees with Mayweather, who is 45 years old. Speaking at his Hotboxin ‘podcast in 2019, Tyson said: “Floyd’s a great fighter, don’t get me wrong. He had 50 fights.”

“Listen, Sugar Ray Robinson has had 40 fights. He lost one, and then won 78 battles in a row. Forty, defeated by one, followed by the victory of 78 wars, goddamn. [Julio Cesar Chavez Sr] was 89-0 before he lost.”

“Don’t tell me, ‘You’re the biggest fighter,’ 50-0. Good, no doubt about it, but 50-0? Chavez was 90. He fought for us, what? Eight times a year? Against anyone who was in office. He was impartial, saying,‘ Whoever wants to, come.”

Mayweather was recently overtaken by WBC strawweight champion Wanheng Menayothin, however he has now been beaten and is 54-1 years old.

Once Mike Tyson pretended to throw a punch at Floyd Mayweather

Mike Tyson has been one of the most intimidating men in the world since the 1980s, but he was unable to intimidate Floyd Mayweather when they met at a party in late 2014. During a meeting of the former WBC world boxing champions, the heavyweight legend decided to test the determination of the then pound-for-pound king, who erased the ring with a 50-0 record.

Mayweather is regarded as one of the undefeated and retired players. Mike Tyson in his youth was a terrible prospect. And when the two met on stage it was all smiles – when Tyson tried to move the ‘Money’.

It was already known that the two had been at loggerheads, allegedly from a 2001 police raid – a time when both were big names in the boxing world, with Tyson more prominent than Mayweather. Former ‘Iron Mike’ aide, Darryl Francis, told USA Today that Tyson’s dislike of Mayweather was due to his belief that a fellow citizen wanted to invade.

Police raided Tyson’s Las Vegas home in September of that year after a woman accused him of sexually abusing her twice. In his letter, Tyson said a friend told him the suspect was in love with ‘another prominent boxer.’

Tyson kept insisting that he could not prove anything and later said: “I am ready now. You can forgive, but you must remember. “

After 13 years of meeting on stage, Tyson shocked Mayweather by pretending to beat his opponent – even pulling it out at the last minute. Mayweather didn’t move and they hugged, somehow. Although the incident looked ridiculous, comments made a year later did not seem to be the case.

In a 2015 interview, Mayweather said he was the greatest boxer ever to surpass Muhammad Ali and Tyson. Tyson chose to comment, not about himself, but his hero Ali.

“He is very deceitful,” replied Tyson.

“Listen, if he had been close or near to Muhammad Ali’s country, he would have been able to send his children to school alone.

“Okay, he can’t take his kids to school alone, and he’s talking about being pretty? Greatness does not belong to you. It is accepted by the people. He cannot take his children to school alone. He is a slightly nervous man. He is a very small, timid man. ”

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