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Maryam Ansari And Owais Khan Share Their Love Story On Shaan-e-Suhoor

Maryam Ansari is a beautiful Pakistani actress who has worked in many popular dramas.

Most recently, she has married her long time friend Owais Khan who is the son of former Pakistani wicket keeper and captain Moun Khan. He is the brother of batsman Azam Khan. The couple look very cute and adorable together.

Recently, they were invited to GMP Shaan-e-Suhoor where Nida asked them how they met for the first time.

Maryam And Owais Met In College

To answer that question, the couple said, “we both studied at the same place, we have our A Levels from the same college”

Maryam Ansari’s husband Owais said, “She was my junior and joined the college late , she was also the mutual friend of one of my friend who gave me all the details about Maryam then I instantly decided to make her victim of my ragging at college and I did harsh ragging on her , that time she completely got annoyed with me but later on I apologized and we became good friends ”

Maryam Was Victim If Owais’ Ragging

Maryam continued: “At first I was offended, but later when Owais apologized, I forgot all about it, and we kept our good relations. We also have the same interests as we both love to eat, we are physically fit so we went along ”

“It’s been a long-term friendship that turned into a relationship, we have been apart for almost five years when Owais was in UK for studies but we remained in touch with each other ” added Maryam.

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