Ahmad Ali Butt Reveals His Weight Loss Transformation Secrets

Ahmad Ali is a famous Pakistani actor, anchor, and the most famous comedian in the Lollywood industry. He is considered an integral part of a successful film. Many of his films like JPNA, PNJ, and Paray Hut Love have proven this idea about him.

Recently, he appeared at GMP Shan-e-suhoor where he discussed how he managed to lose a lot of weight. Yes, we all know that Ahmad Ali has gone through a dramatic change in weight loss. He has lost a lot of weight and has completely changed his condition.

GMP Shan-e-Suhoor

Ary Digital is showing beautiful Ramadan transmissions in this holy month. GMP Shaan-e-Suhoor is one of the very beautiful show in which guests come and discuss their life incidents and achievements.

Ahmad Ali Butt & Fatima , Sunita Marshall & Hassan Ahmad Pictures From GMP Shaan-e-Suhoor

Recently, the two power couples of showbiz came in GMP Shaan-e-Suhoor. Sunita Marshall with husband Hassan Ahmad and Ahmad Ali Butt with wife Fatima appeared in the show. Both the couples had amazing conversations in the show.

Ahmad’s Weight Loss Method

In a question about weight loss, his wife said that if she stopped cooking delicious food at home, that’s when this kind of miracle happened. She continued, “I used to fast on normal days and I asked Ahmad to join me but he refused at first but after seeing the benefits, he joined me later.”

Ahmad Ali Butt's Weight Loss Secret Revealed in GMP Shan-e-Suhoor

Ahmad said, “This wonderful journey started at the time of the lockdown when I put on two KG weights, it was a time when I realized that I would continue to gain weight if I did not control”

His wife Fatima also said, “when we fast we all want to pray and spend more time in Ibadah instead of overeating, so in this case, this happens.”

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