Married At First Sight: Jose’s Red Flags In His Marriage With Rachel News

Married At First Sight: Jose’s Red Flags In His Marriage With Rachel

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Time icon September 29, 2021

On Married At First Sight season 13, Jose and Rachel have had the most difficult relationship as the former’s behaviour is full of red flags. He is one of the least liked husbands in the recent history of Married At First Sight.

A few of his red flags include trying to parent Rachel and locking her out of their home. However, before they tied the knot, the couple seemed like they could have been a well-matched pair. Rachel has experienced hurtful things in the past like unfaithful boyfriends because of which she was looking for a dependable husband.

But Jose seemed to be reliable initially as he wanted a partner he could take care of. He had even earned the nickname ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ because he has had such high standards for his spouse. The experts might have thought he is the perfect match for Rachel but that turned out to be wrong.

Jose started to show red flags on their honeymoon as he treated Rachel like his daughter. He has a controlling personality which comes through his parenting tendencies. Jose fed Rachel and even asked her if he could brush her teeth during their honeymoon. This was a red flag for Rachel and she even said she did not wants to be treated this way.

She had wanted her husband to know that she is self-sufficient and enjoys being independent. However, Jose only portrayed more red flags when he shared that he wanted someone that he could take care of completely with the money he makes. Even this was a red flag for Rachel because she did not want to rely on Jose’s income.

Recently in an episode, Rachel accidentally called Jose by another man’s name and apologized immediately. But Jose was mad and this might have reminded him that he isn’t his wife’s only option. However, this mix up made him feel insecure as it was his dream that he wanted his wife to rely on him. He started shouting and cursing her and locked her out of their house.

Jose’s need of taking care of his wife contradicted his actions of locking Rachel out of the house in the middle of the night. He did not feel bad the next day either and this might serve as a warning for Rachel that he isn’t right for her.

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