“Lovers of the Red Sky”, Cha Ji Hyuk is set to join the cast News

“Lovers of the Red Sky”, Cha Ji Hyuk is set to join the cast

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Time icon August 23, 2021

It is announced that Cha Ji Hyuk will be joining the cast of Jang Tae Yoo’s (“Hyena”) drama “Lovers of the Red Sky,” directed by Jang Tae Yoo and written by Kim Young Young (“Be Melodramatic”). 

Lovers of the Red Sky,” based on Jung Eun Gwol’s novel of the same name, will be a fantasy-historical romance drama about a female painter with divine power named Hong Cheon Ki and a blind man named Haram who is in charge of astronomy.

Kim Yoo Jung will play Hong Chun Gi, the only female painter in the Joseon dynasty who was born blind but miraculously recovers her sight. Gong Myung will play the amorous and lonely Prince Yangmyung, and Ahn Hyo Seop will play blind astrologer Ha Ram.

Hong Cheon Ki is a female painter with a genius-like painting talent who lives during the Joseon era. She is chosen as Dohwaseo’s first female painter (Korean Royal Academy of Painting). Hong Cheon Ki has a lovely beauty and a cheerful disposition. Painting is everything to her. She meets Ha Ram one day.

Ha Ram works for the Seowoongwan, a department that oversees astronomy, geography, divination, and meteorology. He was blind as a result of an accident when he was young. Hong Cheon Ki falls in love with him and is unconcerned about his blindness. Hong Cheon Ki appears in front of Ha Ram on a regular basis, and he finds himself waiting for her.

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The freshly released trailer gives us a glimpse of Hong Chun Gi, Ha Ram, and Yangmyung’s heart-fluttering love triangle. “Your eyes are incredibly beautiful,” Hong Chun Gi tells Ha Ram. “People see my eyes and call me a monster,” he responds. “But your eyes are beautiful,” she says, astonished. His lips tilt up into a warm smile in response to her sincere and kind reaction.

The video also exposes Hong Chun Gi and Yangmyung’s odd chemistry. Yangmyung makes a grand entrance as the country’s prince. Hong Chun Gi looks at his tattered clothes and bursts out laughing, as though he’s being stupid. Yangmyung is taken aback by her unexpected reaction, yet he is intrigued to her straightforward demeanour.

Yangmyung races in the rain with Hong Chun Gi on his back in one scenario. The normally bright prince is troubled, and he splashes through the puddles without hesitation. However, Ha Ram blocks him, saying, “My apologies, Your Highness. But she initially made a vow to me.”

Cha Ji Hyuk will play the prince’s right-hand man as well as a guard warrior.

Gong Myung, Kwak Shi Yang, Lee Bo Hee, Go Gyu Pil, and others are among the drama’s other cast members.

Lovers of the Red Sky” will be a 16-episode series that will show exclusively on SBS. On August 30th, the first episode will air.

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