‘The Devil Judge,’ according to Kim Jae-Kyung, taught her how to advance in her acting career News

‘The Devil Judge,’ according to Kim Jae-Kyung, taught her how to advance in her acting career

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Time icon August 23, 2021

Since obtaining the lead part in JTBC‘s short series “Monster,” Kim Jae-Kyung, who began as a member of the now-disbanded K-pop girl group Rainbow in 2009, has made a successful transition into acting. Since then, she’s steadily built a resume that includes everything from the murder drama “Life on Mars” to the romantic comedy “The Secret Life of My Secretary.”

Kim just landed a supporting role in the legal mystery series “The Devil Judge,” which finished Sunday with an 8% viewership rating, and she said the show has inspired her to take another step ahead in her acting career.

When I first decided to participate in this project, I made a vow to myself that if I ever meet an obstacle or difficulty (in portraying my character) with this series, I will push myself to overcome it and finish it,” she said in an interview.

“Growing pains are a part of the process of increasing your height. And this series has been like my ‘growing pains,’ because I’ve spent more excruciating time on it than any other. As a result, it allowed me to go through the suffering in order to help me improve as an actor.”

Moon Yoo-Seok, the judge-turned-writer behind the JTBC series “Ms. Hammurabi,” developed and wrote “The Devil Judge,” which is set in a hypothetical dystopian Korea that has been swept by a mysterious plague.

The government develops a new judicial system in which court cases are aired live to the public and decisions are made based on the votes of the inhabitants.

Kang Yo-han (Ji Sung) is the new system’s outstanding senior judge, severely punishing those found guilty. Though many regard him as a righteous and crusading judge, when rookie judge Kim Ga-on (Jin Young) enters his life, his techniques and legal bounds are called into doubt.

Along with Yo-han and Ga-on, Kim plays Oh Jin-Joo, one of the three presiding judges. Despite her desire to serve justice, she was appointed as a judge due to her attractiveness as the show-biz courtroom’s appealing face.

In such a dark, serious series, the actress said that portraying an enthusiastic and dynamic persona was tough.

“Jin-joo was passionate about her work and wanted to assist as many people as possible as a judge. As a result, I sought to concentrate on that aspect of the character. However, I was concerned that her bright, exuberant personality might stick out too much in the series’ overall tone “, she stated, “I had to find a way to make it credible while yet portraying her enthusiasm for her work and not exaggerating.”

Working with Ji, according to Kim, has been a blessing that has given her a valuable life and career lesson. She expressed her admiration for his ability to see the big picture when it came to setting up a situation rather than just portraying the part.

He was the lead actor, which would have put a lot of weight on him, but I was blown away by how well he connected with the crew and directed the sequences on set. I knew I could count on him “she stated “The biggest takeaway from this production was that he made me wish I could one day be an actor like him.”

He also changed her mind about marriage, she added.

“I adore my job so much that I couldn’t see getting married or having children. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to handle both, “she stated “However, after seeing him and Lee Bo-young Ji’s wife, they proved to me that it is not implausible.”

The actress highlighted her desire to use her platform to make a difference in the lives of others. “I hope that by influencing others, I can extend their perspectives and provide hope,” she stated. “When I send out positive energy, I am most delighted with my job. My greatest pleasure would be to make someone happy or to provide them with a turning point.”

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