Logan Paul Says He Will Not Fight His Brother Jake Paul In A Boxing Match

Logan Paul and Jake Paul have taken the world of influencer boxing by storm. The two are currently the biggest and most famous names of the influencer boxing world.

Jake Paul maintains a 4-0 professional boxing streak and will aim to extend it to 5-0 when he fights Tommy Fury on December 18. However, before the Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury fight was confirmed, there were rumors that the Paul Brothers are going to lock horns against one another in the ring.

Now, the elder Paul brother has denied any such possibilities. Logan Paul clearly stated his intention of ‘NOT’ fighting his younger brother Jake Paul. And guess who supported Logan in his decision? His father, Greg Paul.

What Did Logan Paul Say?

In his recent interview with SecondsOut on YouTube, Logan Paul addressed the question of fighting his younger brother Jake Paul.

“He’s f***ing trolling me bro. I’m his own brother and he trolls me. He’s suddenly made me his enemy… I don’t want to fight him,” Logan said. “Of course (we’ve talked about it), but I’m in an interesting phase of my life right now. I have no desire to fight my brother.”

“No, you’re not going to fight him,” Greg said. “Look, anybody who thinks these guys are gonna fight, I will f**k them up.”

Logan Paul’s Upcoming Fight

Logan Paul, meanwhile is also looking forward to his next bouth with rumors claiming that he would fight either Mike Tyson or Tyson Fury.

Logan Paul took to his Instagram stories and called out Tyson Fury. He said “Tyson, after my brother knocks your brother out, I’m coming for that ass, I swear to god I’m gonna take you down, I don’t care if I need a f**king tractor. Gypsy King will fall.”

Tyson Fury has not responded to the public call out of Logan Paul so far. However, we certainly know that he will be present at the December 18 fight of his brother Tommy against Jake Paul. He flew to the United States to train his brother, Tommy Fury for the fight.

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