LeBron James Gets Offer From Levin Love To Return To Cleveland

Even since LeBron James said he wanted to play with his son this season, there has been a lot of speculation about his next place. And with just one season left on his contract with the Lakers, many clubs will be vying for his signing. Now his former LeBron teammate has given him a suggestion on where to finish his job.

LeBron will be a free agent after next season. The upcoming season for the Lakers will be very exciting. There is a high chance that Anthony Davis will be traded. Russell Westbrook has a $ 47 million player option and the Lakers will find it difficult to get him out. If next season goes down the same way, the Lakers will have a tough time keeping LeBron.

Now, his friend and ex-partner, Kevin Love seems to have a solution that allows LeBron to constantly argue and give him a toy gun with his son.

Kevin Love’s suggestion for LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the favorites to be LeBron’s next team. He has played twice before and led them to the first franchise title. LeBron always talks a lot about Cleveland and he loves the fans there.

The Cavs will have plenty of LeBron cap space. Love, Caris LeVert, Darius Garland, and Collin Sexton are all on expiring contracts. They will have to cancel a few of them but can sign LeBron if they want.

Bronny will not be able to compete in the NBA until 2024. So LeBron could join the Cavs on a two-year contract and play his final year with his son at home. Love says there is a series of texts when they discuss future plans and more. He said, “When he got the Razzie for worse actor, we sent him that we thought that was pretty funny. But now he takes everything in stride. There is nothing off-limits.”

“And we have a bond that will never be broken, especially in the way that we not only won that series but how we operated throughout the entire season, just having so much fun, that bond will never be broken. I’ll be seeing those guys. You know, in June for my wedding.”

While it is full of speculation that LeBron may leave the Lakers, he has repeatedly said he loves it there and would like to finish his career in LA. But only time will tell what will happen, especially when Bronny is so close to joining the NBA.

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