L.A. Times Faces Backlash After “Disrespectful” Comments on BTS

Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS has emerged as the most popular Boy Group on the planet, with the strongest “army” of fans ever witnessed. Their fans are always there to protect and support them. However, their possessiveness has also earned them a bad reputation. BTS fans are often the target of criticism regarding their “wrath”. And the same has happened once again. A new LA Times is being called out by fans on social media.

The news agency predicted which song between “Unholy” and “My Universe” will win a grammy. Describing their thoughts they wrote,

“With more than 750 million streams on Spotify alone, “Unholy” has the commercial clout and the feel-good distinction of being the first song by a nonbinary person and a trans person to score a Grammy nom. But having handed defeat to BTS twice in this category in the last two years and thereby subjecting themselves to the wrath of K- pop’s most devoted fan base voters may finally throw the boy band a bone.”

Fans are not happy with LA Times take and are sharing their reactions on social media:

“this is such a sad and cynical way to talk about music but also a reminder of how arbitrary and shallow a lot of these awards actually are. the fact remains that bts doesn’t need a grammy; they have nothing left to prove to anyone.”

“So they imply that if Coldplay&BTS win the award it is not because they are great artists and make good music but the voters were afraid of bts fan base?! What poor journalism and zero vision! And the language used, isn’t it xenophobic??”

“This honestly sounds condescending to both songs, to reduce them to some bulletpoints of which will make the academy look better I thought we were supposed to believe these awards were based on music quality not popularity or whatever else.”

“everyone and their mama’s can say they want their favs to win but we armys would be called names for wishing the same thing for our boys”

“Also, the entire fandom is so done with grammys, armys won’t even be surprised if bts doesn’t win. This implies the academy would be doing a favor to bts n coldplay but they aren’t actually deserving It’s disrespectful to any artist, even if they weren’t worlds biggest bb.”

It was reported that RM and Jungkook will be attending the Grammys this year, to represent their group.

It was also reported earlier that Jimin will be making his solo debut this month.


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