KSI Takes A Jibe At Jake Paul But Ends Up Embarrassing Himself

YouTuber KSI has not been on the best of terms with fellow YouTuber-turned-Boxer Jake Paul lately. The two have been exchanging heated words quite often.

Jake Paul recently told that KSI should retire from everything he does. The fans want to see both of them settle their differences in the boxing ring but a match between them has not yet come to fruition.

Jake Paul has been raking up wins as a professional boxer and currently holds a 4-0 career record. He fought the former UFC Champ Tyron Woodley in August 2021 and is now scheduled to fight Tommy Fury on December 18.

What Did KSI Say?

However, KSI isn’t very convinced with the choice of opponents that Jake Paul has. In one of his Reddit reaction videos, KSI reacted to one of Jake Paul’s tweet.

Jake Paul has tweeted in the past that he would rather fight Hector Lopez of Javier instead of fighting Tommy Fury.

“7-0 Fury doesn’t cut it for my 5th fight I’m fighting either Hector Lopez or Javier Martinez next!! Hector was “Tanks” 8th opponent, came in 0-0 and retired 0-1. Hector was an MMAer who was 2-0”

But then, KSI found out that Hector Lopez has already died in 2011 and did not miss this chance to call out Jake Paul.

KSI said that Hector Lopez is already dead.

“Ah,” KSI exclaimed. “Hector is dead. Okay. Might be quite hard to fight Hector Lopez if he’s in the ground. I guess you could still dig him up and fight him, and to be honest, that does sound like what Jake would do!”

What Did Jake Really Mean?

But then.. did KSI really take a jibe at Jake Paul or did he end up embarrassing his owns self? Most probably the latter.

Jake Paul wasn’t talking about the deceased Hector Lopez rather about the fighter who debuted against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis in 2014.

KSI recently revealed that he has broken up with his girlfriend.

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