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KSI Reveals He Has Broken Up With His Girlfriend

Popular British YouTuber KSI shared update about his love life in one of his latest videos and the fans aren’t delighted. The YouTube revealed that he has broken up with his grilfriend, whose identity was never disclosed on the internet.

The confirmation by KSI comes after he posted a ‘Single and Alone’ Instagram story and deleted it shortly afterwards. The cryptic message left his fans puzzled and perplexed. There was a lot of noise on the Internet after KSI deleted the ‘Single and Alone’ story.

What Did KSI Say?

Many took to twitter and his Instagram comments to check up on his mental health and wish him well. Few others thought that it was a joke and someone did a mischief with KSI’s account.

However, everything has been made clear by the YouTuber now in his new video. After confirming the news of break up, he said that it is ‘no one’s fault’.

KSI said that ‘it just did not work out. Me and my girlfriend are not together anymore. It happened a while ago. Bit it’s okay.”

KSI’s Lovelife

There is no evidence as to who was the girlfriend of the British YouTube since he never disclosed it on the internet. When KSI appeared as a guest on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, he said that keeping a relationship lowkey is oe of the most important factors in the success of the relationship.

KSI has been busy with a lot of music projects lately and has been devoting lesser time to his YouTube channel as well. The YouTuber was last seen in the boxing ring in 2018 against Logan Paul and fans want to see the boxer KSI back.

Jake Paul recently took a nasty jibe at KSI and said that he should ‘retire from everything he does’.

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