KSI Says That Jake Paul Will Beat Tommy Fury In Their Upcoming Boxing Match

British YouTuber KSI is rooting for his long-time arch rival Jake Paul in his upcoming fight against Tommy Fury. KSI and Jake Paul have been rivals for the longest time now and Internet wants the two YouTubers-turned professional Boxers to lcok horns in the boxing ring. However, that wish of the netizens hasn’t come to fruition so far.

Jake Paul holds a 4-0 professional boxing record and is going to aim to maintain his streak when he fights Tommy Fury on December 18. KSI and his squad were talking about Jake Paul Vs Tommy fury fight on the SideCast podcast and the British YouTuber said that he feels ‘Jake is gonna win’.

‘I See Tommy Losing’

“Yeah, I see Tommy losing, you know why? I see him sh***ing himself on the big stage,” explained KSI. According to him, the British fighter cannot handle the pressure on the event day.

“I think that’s it, he [Jake] knows you’ve got everything, you’re ready, you could f**k him up, but will you be able to act on the night? And he’s just not sure.”

John Fury, just like KSI has also questioned Tommy Fury’s ability to stand the pressure on the day of the fight. “All it is with Tommy… he’s young, can he handle a big occasion on the night?” he quizzed.

Jake Paul Vs KSI

In the past, Jake Paul and KSI have exchanged verbal jibes at one another. Recently, Jake Paul said that KSI should retire from everything that he does and also accused him of ducking a boxing match.

KSI, on the other hand, gave it back by taking a jibe at Jake Paul. However, he ended up embarasing himself.

Whether or not a Jake Paul Vs KSI fight happens remains to be seen but for the time being, all eyes are on Jake Paul’s upcoming fight against the undefeated British fighter Tommy Fury.

Who do you think will win? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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