KSI Says ‘Fu*k You Jake’ After Jake Paul Reacted To His Collab With Lil Wayne

KSI and Jake Paul are probably the YouTubers with the longest ‘unsettled’ rivalry at the moment. When Jake Paul reacted positively to one of KSI’s projects, the entire internet was surprised!

If you’re not aware of what we are talking about, lets go for a throwback! Throwback to early August when KSI released a song titled ‘Lose’ with Lil Wayne.

Jake Considers Lil Wayne His Idol

Jake Paul considers Lil Wayne to be his ‘idol’ and when British YouTuber KSI collaborated with Jake’s ‘idol’ for a song, everyone thought Jake would react negatively. But instead, the younger paul brother had a positive reaction.

Jake Paul did not take a jibe at KSI for collaborating with Lil Wayne on the song ‘Lose’.

Jake Paul said, in a TikTok video – “Damn… congrats this is actually insane. You’ve been killing it with your music. You’re showing the world that ‘YouTubers’ can accomplish anything. No hate. Keep it up,” complimenting KSI’s tune.

‘I Don’t Care Man’

But now.. KSI has responded to Jake’s positive reaction. KSI does not think that it was Jake Paul’s true intentions being revealed in the appreciation TikTok.

“It definitely lowkey burned him but this was the correct response. It was a good response,” he said.

KSI also added “‘Haha, no hate buddy! It’s so fantastic what you’re doing for YouTubers. Really breaking the barrier,’ f**k off. F**k you, Jake. Jake’s just playing the game. Fair play, you know he’s probably bamboozled a lot of you but nah f**k him. I don’t care, man, I don’t care,” the Brit added, mocking Jake.

The only way these two YouTubers will settle out their beef once and for all is by getting in the boxing ring together.

Jake Paul is 3-0 as a professional boxer and is set to face off the ‘ultimate challenge’ of his career, Tyron Woodley, on 29th August.

What do you think about this? Was Jake sincere in bis appreciation or he did that to be the bigger person? Tell us your thoughts in the comments


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