KSI Gives Shocking Match Prediction For Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley Fight

KSI has jumped on to talk about Jake Paul’s upcoming fight with former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. KSI thinks that Jake Paul is going to”absolutely destroy” Tyron Woodley on August 29th. But wait a moment.. there’s a plot twist behind KSI’s match prediction!

Many famous YouTubers have been pretty active in the boxing space lately. Be it, Adam Saleh, fighting Waleed Sharks, or the recent YouTubers Vs TikTokers event, the world of boxing is seeing a massive revolution!

The upcoming match that will have everyone’s eyes glued to the screen is going to be Jake Paul Vs, Tyron Woodley. YouTuber turned Pro Boxer Jake Paul is on a three-match win streak and Tyron Woodley is expected to be his biggest competition so far.

Jake Will ‘Absolutely Destroy’ Tyron

Jake Paul has been training hard for the fight but UFC fighter Daren Till says that Jake is paying money to Tyron Woodley to lose against him on August 29th. Whatever happens, remains to be seen!

Now the British YouTuber and Musician KSI have given his comments about Jake’s upcoming fight! His prediction is rather a subtle and shady one. While KSI said that Jake Paul will “absolutely destroy” Tyron Woodley, he did not actually mean it.

‘I Think Jake Paul’s Gonna Win’

“I think Jake Paul’s gonna win,” KSI said. “Because every time I’ve said Jake Paul’s gonna lose, he wins. Same thing happens with crypto. I go, I’m feeling bullish, and then it tanks.”

“Jake Paul’s gonna win,” he continued. “He’s gonna absolutely destroy Tyron Woodley.”

Now you know what KSI really means! He continued “I haven’t wanted him to win for years, and he keeps winning, so at this point, it’s like, alright, calm. Do your thing, innit? Do your thing, you’re in your element. You’re in your moment.”

Jake Vs KSI Soon?

KSI’s fight against Jake Paul’s elder brother Logan Paul was one of the biggest celebrity boxing events in history! The YouTubers faced each other with their first match eventually ending up in a draw and KSI winning the rematch! Since then Jake Paul has been trying to fight KSI to avenge his brother’s loss.

Do you think we will see Jake Paul sort out differences with British YouTuber KSI in the ring sometime soon? Tell us in the comments!


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