KSI’s ‘Single And Alone’ Instagram Story Makes Fans Think Its About His Love Life

KSI is one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet. Apart from content creation, he has also been active in the influencer boxing and music space.

KSI has lately been busy with new music projects and is also delaying much awaited boxing fights that his fans want to see. Recently, Jake Paul said that the 7 million monthly Spotifty listeners of KSI are not worth it for him to be his main focus. He even said that KSI should retire from everything he does. Jake said that the British YouTuber is afraid of fighting him in the boxing ring.

KSI’s Love Life

KSI recently took to his Instagram to post a story which read ‘Single and Alone’. However, the YouTuber deleted the post after some time.

Fans think that the post was referring to KSI’s love life and he has broke up with his girlfriend. When KSI appeared on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast he said that he had found ‘the one’ but did not reveal further details. He thinks that being lowkey is a ‘huge factor’ in the success of a relationship.

Fan Reactions

“Did he really breakup with his missus,” said one fan. Another comment read “wait, is this even real.”

One fan comment pointed towards the fact that Callux recently made a video in which he allowed KSI and Simon to take over his Twitter handle hoping that this time it was the other way around.

What is the reality is still not known as KSI has not addressed the ‘Single and Alone’ Instagram story in any of his YouTube video so far. Tell us your thoughts about this story in the comments.


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