KSI Reacts As Sidemen’s Exclusive Membership App Side+ Tops App Store Charts

YouTuber KSI who is a member of a content collective ‘Sidemen’ has reacted after their exclusive membership app hit the top spot in the App Store charts.

On the eight year anniversary of sidemen, the Side+ app surprised them by becoming the Top #1 App in the entertainment category and #5 in the entire store.

‘WTF Is This’

The official Twitter handle of Sidemen (@joinsideplus) tweeted saying ‘What is real life even? Thank you all like wtf is this’.

KSI took to his personal Instagram handle to share a screenshot of the Side+ app dominating the ‘Top Free Apps’ category on his story. He captioned the story ‘UNREAL’.

8 Years Of Sidemen

The YouTuber also put out a dedicated post wishing “Happy 8 Years :)” to his Sidemen content squad.

Fans took to the commnts section to appreciate the content collective. One wrote ‘wohooo.. you all deserve the success’ while another user said “Consider this as gift for your anniversary”.

Side+ is the exclusive membership club app for Sidemen fans. It brings exclusive content, community, competitions to the subscribers.

Why Side+ App?

The Side+ app also has loads of Q and A’s from the Sidemen members and a lot of behind the scenes footages are also shared on the app. Members of the Sidemen club also get the chance to join exclusive challenges and win $100,000 in prize money. Members also get the opportunity to win private zoom call with Sidemen squad or join them during the exclusive Eat n Greets.

KSI recently collaborated with fellow Minecraft YouTuber Tommyinnit in a hilarious video that took the fans by a surprise. With a major achievment for Side+, fans expect KSI to talk about it in a dedicated YouTube video but if or not he does that remains to be seen yet.

The official Twitter handle of Sidemen has over 129k followers at the time of writing this article.


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