KSI And TommyInnit Collab Video Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Two of the most successful Internet personalities KSI and TommyInnit recently collaborated on a video and the response from the fans have been pretty amazing.

British YouTuber-cum Musician KSI and Minecrafter gamer TommyInnit were seen together in a video where KSI teachers his fellow content creator to ride a back. The video is full of hilarious moments and is a must-watch.

KSI Teaches Me To Ride A Bike

Titled ‘KSI Teaches Me To Ride A Bike..” the video has garnered over 350k likes, 2.3 Million views, and 19k comments so far. Fans are flooding the comment section expressing their happiness seeing TommyInnit and KSI doing a collaboration video together.

Minecrafter Tommy has been doing a lot of collabs lately, with the most recent one before KSI being with American YouTuber Logan Paul.

The TommyInnit-KSI collab video has comments like “This is actually funny lmao. Best collab ever.” Tommy labelled KSI as ‘sensei’ throughout the course of the video and asked for tips in riding his bike.

Fan Reactions

“Seeing Tommy and KSI in one video is the happiest moment ever,” added a fan in the comments. “This duo is unstoppable!”

“This is the closest we’re going to get to classic KSI YouTube videos. Treasure this video,” commented one viewer.

KSI has been busy with his musical success off late and has got no time to invest in other projects. While the YouTuber was expected to fight his American counterpart Jake Paul in the boxing, those plans don’t seem close to coming true anytime soon.

KSI recently took a jibe at Jake Paul after the latter called KSI’s collab music video with Lil Wayne. KSI said “fu*k you Jake” in one of his recent videos.

KSI also added “‘Haha, no hate buddy! It’s so fantastic what you’re doing for YouTubers. Really breaking the barrier,’ f**k off. F**k you, Jake. Jake’s just playing the game. Fair play, you know he’s probably bamboozled a lot of you but nah f**k him. I don’t care, man, I don’t care,” the Brit added, mocking Jake.

The only way these two YouTubers will settle out their beef once and for all is by getting in the boxing ring together.


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