Kid Cudi Trolled After Wearing A Wedding Gown

Kid Cudi Trolled After Wearing A Wedding Gown

Kid Cudi has always stirred gay rumours whenever he wears a dress; and he did so again when he arrived on the red carpet of the 2021 CFDA Awards in New York City on Wednesday, November 10.

The ‘A Man on the Moon’ singer made his public debut in a wedding gown with a veil and a pair of white sneakers; which quickly went viral. When Kid Cudi was discovered at the award show, he took everyone by surprise. This isn’t the first time the 37-year-old hip-hop singer has used fashion to transcend the gender divide.

Cudi, on the other hand, has always been heavily chastised for his willingness to take risks. The same thing happened when Cudi walked the red carpet in a bridal-inspired ensemble. The bulk of social media users mocked the award-winning artist’s attire; labelling him as gay in the process.

Kid Cudi wore a full lace catsuit underneath a matching knee-length skirt and a sleek white blazer for the wedding-inspired ensemble. Instead of wearing heels, the rapper wore a pair of sleek white shoes. He finished the ensemble with a stunning veil. According to People magazine, Eli Russell Linnetz, who was nominated for American Emerging Designer of the Year at the CFDA this year.

“I just out of the blue sent him a text of a wedding dress and I was like, ‘Will you be my bride?'”, as reported by People magazine. Cudi, speaking on the same, told People, “I trust this man so I was down to take it wherever his mind went”. To take the bridal-inspired outfit a notch higher, he accessorized it with a stunning pendant necklace.

Cudi Supported Lil Nas X

Kid Cudi initially stirred gay rumours in April 2021; when he appeared on ‘SNL’ in a floral outfit to pay homage to Kurt Cobain. “The image of seeing Kurt Cobain in a dress was very rock’n’roll to me. That was cool. So I already made my mind up years ago that I wanted to do this”. He further said he thinks it’s “cool” because he is giving confidence to kids and telling them to be themselves.

The rapper added, “I’ve never been someone who’s like thinking about the backlash. I don’t give a f**k about what anyone thinks. You can’t when you’re doing this s**t. I knew it would piss some people off, but I love that. Because hip-hop is so weird about s**t.”

In a similar vein, the rapper recently expressed his support for Lil Nas X after the latter claimed that Black male artists were unwilling to collaborate with him. In September 2021, Kid Cudi stated that he wants to assist Lil Nas X in dismantling the “homophobic cloud that has descended upon hip-hop”.

After being teased for his painted nails a few months back; Cudi closed his Instagram account for a spell. In September 2021, he made waves once more when he stepped out in a long black skirt at the New York Fashion Meet.

Trolling Kid Cudi’s outfit, one user said, “You are recovering from 2020 world shenanigans, and here comes Kid Cudi in a wedding dress again”. Another stated, “Kid Cudi coke got fentanyl in it. My boy been on weird s**t”. One added, “Kid Cudi fallin off as a person with those crazy fits for attention I still separate the art tho”. The next one shared, “He’s trying too hard now bro. I’m all for guys expressing themselves the way they want with their clothing, but this looks terrible. Everything from the eyeshadow making him look like he hasn’t slept in a week to the outfit itself? This looks like trash.”


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