Lil Nas X & Jake Paul Were Together? Youtuber's TikTok Fuels Speculation

Lil Nas X & Jake Paul Were Together? Youtuber’s TikTok Fuels Speculation

In the latest ventures of Jake Paul’s life, we saw a TikTok video shared by the YouTuber. The video had the influencer talking about his “faults” as the trend took over the platform.

Jake listed numerous faults of his life and we were familiar with most of them except for one. The Youtuber listed “Fired by Disney”, “got raided by the FBI” and “jumped by Floyd Mayweather” before mentioning his fake marriage to Tana Mongeau. He then shared allegedly hooking up with rapper Lil Nas X.

The TikTok was then cut off after mentioning the rapper’s name and this left fans puzzled. Throughout the Youtuber’s entire career of ups and downs, he has never been mentioned or linked with Lil Nas. Jake does follow the rapper on social media but in turn the “Call Me By Your Name” rapper does not follow him back.

The clip was shared on Instagram by defnoodles. Online users were questioning if it was a genuine statement, or Jake’s attempt to get clout. Some of the users enjoyed the TikTok while some questioned Jake for calling Tana a “sloth”. A user wrote they would choose Tana over Jake any day, while another wrote how is hooking up with Lil Nas X casually being ignored.

The online community argued that Lil Nas would never pursue someone like Jake Paul. Many of the viewers were shocked by this statement and wondered if it was a joke. A user wrote, “Lil Nas X has some explaining to do”, while another wrote, “Lmao, the last one better be a joke.”

Users do believe that this is a joke and there is no proof of the statement either. There is not even proof of the two meeting each other, let alone having an equation like that. Do you think this is Jake’s attempt at a joke or him chasing clout?

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