Julia Rose Slams A Fan Who Asked Jake Paul To Fight An Actual Boxer

Jake Paul has been the talk of the influencer boxing world. With his immense skills, power, and gimmicks, Jake Paul remains undefeated as a professional boxer so far. He extended his win streak to 5-0 after knocking out five-time former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on December 18 in the boxing ring.

Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley 2 was set after Tommy Fury dropped out of the fight. Tyron Woodley saved the main card on a short notice and agreed to replace Tommy. However, the UFC fighter failed to avenge his August loss and went o to get knocked out even during the rematch.

However, the internet is not seemingly very convinced with Jake Paul’s boxing record so far. Critics say that the YouTuber has not fought an ‘actual’ boxer so far. To date, all of Jake’s opponents have either been YouTubers, Athletes, or UFC fighters.

‘Fight A Boxer’

Julia Rose Paul, the girlfriend of Jake Paul recently slammed one such hater who challenged Jake to fight an ‘actual’ boxer. Under one of her pictures with Jake, a comment read ‘fight a boxer’.

Julia Rose replied to the comment in rage saying “please shut the f**k up respectfully. He tried to fight a boxer and that “boxer” was a f**k*ng p***y. You fight a fu**ing boxer”

Julia’s reply has over 900 likes so far. The original post under which the comment was made can be seen below:

Jake Paul’s Boxing Bucket List

Meanwhile, Jake Paul has also revealed his boxing opponents bucket list recently.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, the YouTuber-turned Pro Boxer shared the bucket list of his boxing opponents. The names included in his bucket list were:

1) Canelo Alvarez

2) Floyd Mayweather

3) Mike Tyson

4) Tyson Furry

5) Dana White

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