Josie’s Return and Betty with a Chainsaw in the Riverdale Season 5 Trailer

A new teaser for Riverdale Season 5 Part 2 has been released, featuring Josie’s reappearance, Betty holding a chainsaw, and much more. The CW drama went on pause in the middle of the season at the end of March, leaving many plotlines unfinished. The fall of Riverdale into a post-apocalyptic town rife with crime, the possible waking of cryptids in the woods, and many attempted murders — the latest in Riverdale’s slow descent into pure insanity – are among those connections.

Riverdale Season 5 ended on some major cliffhangers when it ended at the end of March. Jughead vanished from the town bunker after a psychedelic writing trip, possibly captured by the sinister Moth Men. After Cheryl declined to sell the property to Hiram Lodge, her maple groves were set ablaze. A rising web of darkness and distrust at the Cooper household led to a violent confrontation involving Betty, Charles, Glen, and Chic.

Season 5 Part 2 Trailer is OUT

According to the new Riverdale season 5 trailer (which was posted via the Riverdale YouTube channel), the series will pick up just where the previous insanity left off. There are cryptids, potential aliens, murder references, and Josie and the Pussycats’ long-awaited comeback. If the trailer is any indicator, the rest of Riverdale season 5 should keep viewers entertained.

Below is a look to the new trailer

Josie’s return to Riverdale should add yet another fascinating wrinkle to the show’s ever-evolving web of relationships. Josie moved to the spinoff series Katy Keene following a successful run on Riverdale, which was terminated after its first season.

That cancellation is reportedly sending her back to Riverdale, where she’ll reunite with Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty, and the rest of the gang. When Riverdale season 5 premieres on The CW on August 11, relationships are in flux, crimes are afoot, and the town’s fate hangs in the balance.

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