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Riverdale Season 5 Will Write Vanessa Morgan’s Pregnancy Into The Story

Riverdale is going to incorporate Vanessa Morgan’s real-life pregnancy into the show for season 5. The show is created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa as it is a teen-mystery drama series.

It premiered back in 2017 on The CW. The show revolves around the characters of Archie Comics. It features KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge, and Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones.

The previous season of the show had premiered back in October 2019 but ended in May 2020. It was halted because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the US. The show was renewed for another season in January which will be premiering early next year on January 20, 2021.

Vanessa plays the character of Tori Topaz since the second installment of the show. The actress’ character is a recurring character and was quickly promoted as a series regular from the third season onwards. Her character was a student at Southside High and was suspected to be causing trouble between Betty and Jughead.

However, her character ended up dating Madelaine Petsch’s character, Cheryl Blossom. In season 3, Toni formed her own all-girl gang called Pretty Poisons with Cheryl as she was ousted from the Southside Serpents. And her character helps Kevin, played by Casey Cott to win his spot back in the Variety Show.

Vanessa had announced her pregnancy in July which raised suspicion among fans as to what will happen with her character in season 5. However, the confusion was put to rest as the actress herself confirmed that she would continue to reprise her role. She made it even more clear by revealing that the creators will be incorporating her pregnancy in the show as well.

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The actress had taken to her social media to post a picture as she confirmed that her pregnancy has been written into the storyline. She thanked her Riverdale showrunners and producers for adjusting to her situation. Vanessa also revealed that she is almost 9 months pregnant and has started her maternity leave.

She had expressed her disappointment at Riverdale’s treatment of minority characters and actors. Earlier this year, she revealed that she was paid the least and that her character existed as a sidekick to the main white character. it seems that the showrunners and the actress have sorted out the differences.

The actress has thanked Aguirre-Sacasa for being so accommodating and the creator is just as thankful of Vanessa; for giving her best despite being pregnant. He left a comment under the actress’s social media post as he told her; that he is looking forward to her having her first “Riverbaby”.

It is still unclear how Vanessa’s pregnancy will be incorporated into the show. Fans will not even know who will the father of Toni’s baby be in Riverdale. However, Riverdale is on the way for a seven-year leap sometime during season 5 which makes it possible for her character to be shown as pregnant.

Her pregnancy on the show might also mean that she is not with Cheryl after the leap. Fans will have to wait as things are unclear as the mystery prevails.

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