John Cena has announced that a new trailer for Peacemaker will be released next week

A new trailer for Peacemaker will be released next week, according to John Cena. The Suicide Squad, which was released earlier this year, will be followed by James Gunn’s upcoming HBO series.

Cena’s character, Peacemaker, made his film debut in the final act, where he looked to meet his demise when Idris Elba’s character, Bloodsport, shot him.

However, a thrilling end-credit scene revealed that Peacemaker would indeed succeed and that fans would get to see a lot more of Cena’s comic anti-hero, although on a smaller screen this time.

new trailer for Peacemaker

As the premiere of Peacemaker in January 2022 approaches, fans have been given a few teasers for the eight-episode series.

While much about the show has been kept under wraps, it has been announced that the silver-helmeted hero will be back in action, but this time with the squad at A.R.G.U.S (Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans), who was also initially featured in The Suicide Squad. Last month’s DCFandome saw the premiere of the series’ first official trailer, as well as the announcement of the series’ release date.

Cena has now confirmed that a new trailer for Peacemaker will be released soon. Cena took to the stage in full Peacemaker costume at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, and Youtube channel Enrico1271 released a clip of him thanking fans for their support of his character and the future series, as well as introducing exclusive footage to the Comic-Con audience.

After that, the Fast and Furious star announced that a new trailer will be released on Friday, December 3, before expressing his love for the franchise and encouraging fans to see the video and share the news.

The previous video teased fans with a tempting look of what to expect from the next series while revealing very little. The first trailer for Peacemaker showed that the show picks up practically immediately after The Suicide Squad’s end credit scene and introduces a number of new characters who will play key roles in the series. The much-anticipated preview also revealed the level of brutality (and humor) that fans can expect from Peacemaker.

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