Joe Rogan Reacts To The Internet Cancelling Dave Chapelle For A Joke News

Joe Rogan Reacts To The Internet Cancelling Dave Chapelle For A Joke

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October 20, 2021

Joe Rogan has come out to defend his dear friend and one of the most talented comedians on the planet, Dave Chapelle.

Dave Chapelle has recently been embroiled in a controversy after a joke from his latest Netflix special ‘The Closer’ had led to negative reactions from the general public. The Internet wants to ‘cancel’ Dave Chapelle for a joke that seemed to be offensive to the LGBTQIA+ community.

What Did Joe Rogan Say?

However, the Joe Rogan Experience podcast host is not buying into the hype. He thinks that Dave Chapelle ‘loves everybody’ and his joke was just for ‘fun’.

Joe Rogan also said that Dave was not a ‘homophobic or transphobic’ person. “He’s just riding out the storm. He’s not a homophobic or transphobic person. He makes fun of himself. It’s fun, it’s just making jokes. That doesn’t mean hate,” he said in defence of the comic.

He further went on to add: “This is the problem with today. If you don’t have an enemy, you make an enemy. As the level of people who truly hates you drops, you start looking for equilibrium and what you are upset about. And so now you’re more upset about jokes. Now silence is violence. And now you can’t just be this, you have to be that.”

‘It Is In No Way Transphobic’

“Whether you agree with him or not, if you just really pay attention to the overall message, it is in no way transphobic. It’s just not,” he said. “It becomes this weird control level. The concept that there are ideas you can’t make fun of, is dangerous. It’s not good for anybody.”

Joe Rogan is one of the biggest and most succesful podcast hosts on earth. He was recently dethroned by Minecraft Youtubers from the top spot of Spotify podcast charts.

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