Jeongyeon’s Pictures Elicit Empathy & Shock From Fans

Fans were taken aback by Jeongyeon’s new photos and by the TWICE member’s transformation. Though fans were concerned for the star’s safety as well as surprised, the bodily metamorphosis of the star is not new.

Jeongyeon was previously known to gain weight due to medical difficulties such as neck pain, panic attacks, or worry. When Jeongyeon took a vacation from her routine, something happened.

Her admirers have been concerned about her recent adjustments in the past. Fans were sympathetic and concerned for the girl group member since the disease appeared to have recurred. The original post elicited outrage from social media because of her weight gain, and it appears to have drawn in more negative attention.

Because of the trolls, Jeongyeon’s fans have rallied to her defence. As per AllKpop, few comments read, “It’s because she went through a neck injury and rested a lot due to anxiety issues. Please just leave her alone.” Another comment read, “When you start taking prescribed medication for psychological issues, you do gain about 10 kg in a month. This is natural.”

Some praised the idol’s attractive features to inspire her and save her from being body-shamed by others. Others wondered if the pictures posted were altered and expressed their disbelief on Twitter. People were also debating as to whether it was appropriate to promote the idol rather than pointing out that she works in an industry where her appearance is important.

Despite their justification, people believe that celebrities should pay more attention to their appearances because their career depends on it. One member’s remark, in particular, drew attention. They claimed that ordinary people faced similar problems but had to work hard and get on with their lives. They couldn’t take a break since they couldn’t afford it.

Fans who are wondering about the pictures should know it is from a promotional event Jeongyeon took part in.


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