Jennifer Aniston & Jimmy Kimmel Met Up At The Sunset Tower Hotel

Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel are good friends and celebrate New Year’s Eve together. They were photographed reuniting outside of Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. Likewise, they were supposed to attend Amanda Anka’s 53rd birthday.

Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel have been friends for decades now. However, they have been captured together on eves and parties. Recently, their mutual friend Justin Bateman’s wife Amanda Anka’s birthday celebration was held at Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. Chris Pine and other celebrities too came in attendance. They all were seen greeting, smiling and enjoying the party.

During the outing, Jennifer was wearing a dark-coloured jacket and embraced. Jason wearing a blue and white face mask, before leaving the bash. Amanda works as a producer on Jennifer’s series The Morning Show. However, they are close to each other. Just like the actress is with Jason and Jimmy. Jimmy and Jason, who were also wearing jackets, were photographed while waiting for their cars at the valet and looked like they were having a great time.

Before the star-studded bash, Jennifer wished Amanda a Happy Birthday on her Instagram story. Indeed, she posted a pic that showed Amanda and Jason posing and smiling with party hats on. “And to my (heart emoji) @amandaankaofficial — happy day,” she gushed over the post.

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Also, Jennifer gave another birthday shoutout to her producer friend Kristin Hahn. “Happy birthday to my producing partner in crime and BFF of 33 years!!,” the Friends star wrote in the caption for a photo of the two of them smiling together, along with a heart and party face emoji. She also wrote “I Love You!” on another pic of them posing with party hat emojis photoshopped on their heads.

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