Jennifer Aniston Calls Brad Pitt Her ‘Favourite Star Guest’ & Fans Cannot Keep Calm News

Jennifer Aniston Calls Brad Pitt Her ‘Favourite Star Guest’ & Fans Cannot Keep Calm

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Time icon May 26, 2021

The countdown for the Friends reunion has already begun and we will soon be able to watch our Friends come back together. All the fans of the series cannot stop thinking about the special reunion.

While all of us wait and are clearly excited for the special to premiere, the cast opened up about their favourite guest appearances. And believe it or not, Jennifer Aniston did say the name you wanted her to say.

In all of ten seasons, there have been numerous guest appearances besides the cast which includes Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer. Some of the famous names had appeared on the show and the cast recently discussed who their favourite guest was.

Jennifer said her favourite guest was none other than her ex-husband and actor, Brad Pitt. Yes, that’s right. Rachel did say that the best guest that appeared on the show has been Brad. While the other cast members had Ben Stiller, Paul Rudd, Tom Selleck, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, and Alec Baldwin among the many guests on their mind.

But the Emmy-winning actress could only be honest as she took Brad’s name. As per Access, Jennifer ended up taking Brad’s name as she said, “Mr. Pitt was wonderful”. She further added that he was fantastic. We know that the one thing we all are excited about other than the Friends reunion is any interaction between the two exes.

For people who do not remember, Brad had appeared as a guest on the episode called The One With The Rumor on season eight. He came as another high school survivor with Ross (David Schwimmer). Their characters revealed that they had a club called, ‘I Hate Rachel’.

The episode aired in 2001 when Jennifer was married to Brad. The two went their separate ways 4 years later. However, when they reunited accidentally for SAG Awards, the internet lost its mind. But their split has in no way stopped them from appreciating each other. The pair had later reunited for another event virtually where fans saw them interact.

Brad cheekily greeted Jennifer as he asked, “Aniston, how you doing?” While Jennifer replied, “I’m doing good honey. How you doing?” This might be the least we got from the duo but if we look at it from Joey’s perspective, we can be as thrilled as he is when he gets a sandwich.

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