Jared Padalecki Proves Gilmore Girls Bromance Is Real After Milo’s ShoutOut Music

Jared Padalecki Proves Gilmore Girls Bromance Is Real After Milo’s ShoutOut

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Time icon April 7, 2021   | Last Updated: May 17, 2024 at 5:37 AM

The stars of Gilmore Girls showed us why the show should have been called Gilmore Guys. This comes after the recent exchange between Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia.

The actors did not fight over who should have Rory ended up with. Their characters Dean and Jess were the potential love interests of Rory in the show. The actors humbly announced that they both stan each of their on-screen rival. They did not choose their own characters but each others.

Milo had reignited the conversation of Team Dean or Team Jess which has been a debate among fans of the show. He held a sign which read, “I heart Dean 4 ever” while appearing on The Tonight Show. And his co-star and on-screen rival, Jared returned the favor by professing his love for Milo’s character.

He shared a picture on Instagram as he held up a faux Oscars statue and had a sign that read, “I heart Jess 4 ever” in purple and pink marker. The actor wrote that Milo and his offices are very similar. He wrote, “little bit of @gilmoregirls homeboy love! TWINSIES!”

Jared further teased that he does not have an Emmy nomination but he does have a “Best Body” trophy. He said that was worth every dollar that his wife paid for it on Hollywood and Vine. The Supernatural star added, “Miss ya brother. Couldn’t be more proud of ya.”

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Milo Shuts Down Rumors of Any Feud

Milo had his Dean sign on a certificate that acknowledges one of his Emmy nominations for This Is Us. This urged Jimmy Fallon to ask him if he was rubbing that in his face. However, the actor quickly shut down any rumor of beef between the co-stars. He explained that they are really good friends.

The This Is Us star said, “Not at all, Jared and I are really good friends. After I made it I just said, ‘Well, let me just hang on to this ’cause this is cool.'” This is a sign that we all need Gilmore Girls revival again but this time to see how Jess and Dean have settled their differences.

However, they are not the only stars of the series weighing in on their thoughts about who Rory should have ended up with. So when the entire debate of Jess and Dean have re-emerged, Logan had to have a say.

Matt Czuchry played Rory’s boyfriend, Logan and the actor is biased because he revealed if he was writing it, Logan would be with Rory. The actor went on as he described that his character was the one who was pushed in a certain direction because of his family.

He said, “Logan was a character who was pushed in a certain direction because of his family, that he didn’t want to be in that direction. (And)He wanted to follow his heart and his love, which was Rory… He would do anything for her, including giving up the whole family business.”

The actor also revealed that he knows who Rory’s baby daddy is but he refused to reveal it. He shared that creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer, Dan Palladino told him who the father was. Matt revealed that he was told he can tell this to whoever he wants, however, he refused to reveal it. He added, “It doesn’t feel like the right place to say who it may or may not be.”

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