It probably hasn't hit me yet - Cummins on being Australia's Test captain ahead of Brisbane

It probably hasn’t hit me yet – Cummins on being Australia’s Test captain ahead of Brisbane

Less than three weeks ago, nobody would have even imagined Pat Cummins wearing the green blazer and walking onto the field as the captain of Australia. But on Wednesday morning – weather not playing spoilsport – he will walk to the middle of the Gabba alongside Joe Root to mark the start of the Ashes.
“It’s all starting to feel a bit real,” Cummins said. “Think it will really hit home tomorrow when we walk out do the toss and friends and family are watching on TV. It’s been a really great lead-in. I know it’s been a lot of publicity and noise, but inside the camp we’ve been really relaxed and excited.”
Warm-up for bowling or go for the Toss?
Being a fast bowler, Cummins is going to face more challenges than a batter-captain faces. Whether to warm-up for bowling or first go for the toss, that’s one of the challenges.
“Think the main one is warming up bowling, we are normally marking the run-ups and start bowling about half an hour before [the start of the game], which is when the toss is,” he said. “So don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow, maybe I’ll just get here a bit earlier.”
It probably hasn’t hit me yet – Cummins on leading Australia in Ashes
Leading Australia as a captain is a matter of pride which only few players have the privilege to experience. Cummins reflected on that thought.
“It’s almost crazy being the 47th men’s Test captain, the linage (lineage) of Painey, Smithy, Ricky Ponting, Michael Clarke, Steve Waugh – they are legends of the game that I grew up watching,” he said. “It probably hasn’t hit me yet.”
With not much professional captaincy experience under his belt, Cummins must keep on learning as he keeps going. Cummins revealed that he has had specific conversations about setting up the field for spin bowlers with the veteran Nathan Lyon.
“Mainly around fields,” Cummins said. “I haven’t thought too much about spin-bowling fields in the past, so we’ve had a couple of really good chats. He’s played 100 Tests, so he knows far more about spin bowling than I do. I’ll be there to help him. I’ll have a few different ideas I’ll throw his way at times but he’s a seasoned pro, so makes my job pretty easy.”

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