Is Twitch Streamer Ninja Addicted To Drugs?

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvins is on of the most popular Twitch streamers on the planet. He was recently the center of attention of the gaming community as his appearance had changed drastically and his health was also on the decline.

All of this prompted the Internet users to think that the streamer is suffering from substance abuse aka drug addiction. Many comments said that Ninja started looking the way he looked because was addicted to crack.

There were no evidences to what the comments on social media were saying about Ninja. And now, the streamer has come out to explain the story himself. He has cleared that he is not addicted to any drugs and has never in his life been a victim of substance abuse,

What Did Ninja Say?

Ninja revealed that he was struggling as he developed a very bad health condition that led to his clumsy and unhealthy look over time.

“People thought that I was addicted to crack. There were all these crazy rumors going around, ‘Ninja’s on meth!’ and that kind of thing, people were saying,” the star continued. “It made going on [social media] really pretty horrible.”

The reason why Ninja became very ill was due to canker-sores in his mouth.

Canker-Sore Diet

“For three weeks straight I had these cankers in my mouth, and they were bad. I couldn’t eat it hurt so much,” he said. “So I was just eating to not be hungry. That led to me severely undereating ‘cause it just hurt too much.”

He further added jokingly “It’s the canker-sore diet! Easy to not eat when you’re just in searing pain whenever it happens.”

We wish the Twitch star a fast recovery and best health. Tell us your thoughts about this story in the comments.


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