Internet Unconvinced As Durte Dom Attempts To “Expose” David Dobrik

David Dobrik lost his subscribers and brand sponsorships after the sexual assault allegations. He took an extended break after being accused by former Vlog Squad member Durte Dom.

But today, the influencer has taken to Youtube and explained the events that transpired when girls were invited to the Vlog Squad. Two of those girls found themselves with Durte. He was himself accused of sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman as David was filming a vlog in the same apartment.

There were also reports of the two along with other Vlog Squad members purchased alcohol for underage girls. Durte has now returned to Youtube after facing heavy backlash from the internet as well as David. He is defending himself against the allegations and the interesting part is that David’s former assistant is also with Durte.

The former Vlog Squad member titled, exposing the truth, Durte talked about that night in detail. He admitted that Hannah and her friend were in a room with him but he explained that he had not done “a good job of separating Durte Dom, the crazy party animal, the guy who hooks up with a bunch of girls and me, Dominykas”.

He revealed that he and Hannah along with her friend went to his room to “hook up” after many girls and the Vlog Squad started drinking. Durte shared as the three of them were together, David, Todd and Jeff peeked inside the room and stated that they do not find anything wrong.

“Exposing The Truth” Didn’t Fare Well For Durte

After all of them slept together, Durte claimed that Hannah fell asleep as she was more drunk at the house party. Her friend woke her up and got dressed as the rest of the crew left to party elsewhere. Durte Dom explained that everything happened inside the bedroom and he stressed that he and Hannah had a cordial relationship after.

He later explained that Hannah texted him a few months after and told him that the vlog filmed that night the three were together would have to be taken down. Durte then introduced Cassandra who mentioned David did not want the video down from his channel. She revealed that she contacted a lawyer who told her that the video will have to be taken offline.

Cassandra revealed, “One of the things I was constantly mentioning was that Dom maybe ra**d a girl and that they should contact a lawyer, and that they should have removed themselves [in relation to] Dom because of that situation.” The video uploaded by Durte received backlash as the internet was displeased.

Many users showed hatred towards David and Durte as they stated that the two should not have a platform on social media.


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