David Dobrik Announces New Travel Show On Discovery+ News

David Dobrik Announces New Travel Show On Discovery+

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September 8, 2021

David Dobrik now has his own TV show. The influencer has landed a deal with Discovery+.

He will have a travel series that stars himself as well as other returning castmates from his YouTube channel. The series will debut later this year and will include 10-episodes. “It’s everyone’s dream to be able to travel the world with friends and now I get to do that,” Dobrik says. “I can’t wait.”

The influencer has slowly returned to the limelight after going on a three-month hiatus. This came after he was accused of sexual assault by former Vlog Squad member, Dom Zeglaitis. The allegations led to David losing major sponsors like SeatGeek, EA and Hello Fresh.

However, the influencer was back again in June as he started posting on YouTube with his Vlog Squad. He had appeared for a Shark Week special for Discovery in August. The financial terms were not revealed for this deal. But this could be a window for David as it could bring in big brands who would increase the influencer’s earning potential.

The influencer’s new show can possibly be a gambit to find new content and draw in younger audiences. The streaming service launched in January and had accumulated 18 million subscribers through August.

Vlog Squad leader, David had recently explained why he will not fight Adin Ross or anyone for that matter. Fans have already witnessed TikTokers fight YouTubers and YouTubers fight Twitch stars. This trend of influencer boxing fights does not seem to be stopping anytime soon as more stars are hopping in the trend. David was asked if he would jump on the trend with other influencers.

He was asked about potentially fighting Adin Ross for which he wasn’t too keen. The influencer said he does not want to fight anyone because he can’t. “Bro, I can’t fight anybody. I wish. I wish there was like a different sport,” he said. The Youtuber added if there was any racquet sport, he would have jumped on board.