Im Soo Hyang confirmed to star alongside So Ji Sub in a new MBC lawyer drama News

Im Soo Hyang confirmed to star alongside So Ji Sub in a new MBC lawyer drama

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Time icon August 20, 2021

Im Soo Hyang was cast as the female lead in the next MBC drama “Doctor Lawyer,” directed by Lee Yong Seok and written by Jang Hong Chul, according to numerous reports on August 20. It’s a medical suspense court drama that punishes people who believe they exist while also providing solace to unjust victims.

‘Doctor Lawyer’ is a rigged operation in which a brilliant surgeon (So Ji Sub) who has turned into a medical litigation lawyer and a prosecutor in charge of medical crimes who have lost their only family and lover as a result of the operation meet to determine the ranking of life with wealth and power.

As a result, Ji Sub will portray Han Lee Han, a lawyer who specialises in medical disputes and is a double-board surgeon. The prospective involvement of Im Soo Hyang has yet to be revealed.

He then meets a medical criminal prosecutor who lost a loved one in that unsuccessful procedure, and the two team up to bring those responsible for the surgery’s failure to justice.

“’Doctor Lawyer’ will blend the charms of medical dramas and courtroom dramas to give viewers a novel form of enjoyment, as well as catharsis via protagonists who stand up against the world’s corruption,” an official from MBC’s drama studio stated.

So Ji Sub will be making his return drama after a four-year break. This drama could also be Im Soo Hyang’s follow-up drama after a two-year layoff. The actress most recently played alongside Kim Ji Soo, Ha Seok Jin, Hwang Seung Eon, Park Ji Young, Stephanie Lee, and others in the 2020 drama “When I Was the Most Beautiful.”

Im Soo Hyang was recently cast in the Korean version of the popular American series “Jane The Virgin,” alongside Sung Hoon from “Love ft. Marriage and Dating.” Im Soo Hyang plays Lee Soo Jung, a senior college student studying Korean language education. Soo Jung was raised to safeguard her virginity at all means after her mother gave birth to her at the age of 18 and then dropped her off at her grandmother’s house. However, she is unexpectedly notified that she is pregnant due to an honest error at a hospital exam.

Han Ji Hoon, played by Sung Hoon, is the Marbella Hotel’s heir and owner. He is described as the classic “evil guy” with a good-looking character and an ordinary personality. He is married but will soon be single; yet, he bears scars from his battle with cancer in the past.

As So Ji Sub’s comeback project, ‘Doctor Lawyer’ was a hot issue. Im Soo-Hyang will join the cast, having established herself as a trusted and watched actress with films such as ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty,’ ‘Graceful Family,’ and ‘When I Was The Most Prettiest.’

According to reports, “Doctor Lawyer” will premiere in the first half of 2022.

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