‘I Missed You Guys’: Mizkif Cries During Twitch Comeback Stream News

‘I Missed You Guys’: Mizkif Cries During Twitch Comeback Stream

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October 6, 2021

Twitch star Mizkif has officially made his streaming comeback! He took an extended break from streaming following breakup with long time girlfriend Maya.

Mizkif and Maya broke up in September ‘mutually’. The two were one of the most popular Twitch couples on the planet.

Mizkif And Maya

They kept their relationship low-key but spilled the beans in 2019 during an unboxing stream on Twitch.

Mizkif and Maya started talking when Mizkif replied to a YouTube video of Maya building her PC.

Now, Mizkif has finally returned to streaming after taking a much-needed break. In his return stream, the streamer broke down and started crying.

“I Don’t Know What To Say”

“Oh my god dude, I’m crying,” he began.

“I don’t know what to say,” he admitted. “Sorry. Oh my god, chat, this is a lot. I didn’t really know what the hell to expect. I’m crying… this is a bit embarrassing.”

Hinting to his breakup, he also said that “This is what I looked like twenty days ago.”

“Thank you guys [for this response] already.”

His fans were supportive as usual and sent him loads of positive messages in the fast moving chat. Both the parties were unloading emotions at one another.

“I missed you guys [Twitch chat] so much, you have no idea,” Mizkif added.

Mizkif Missed Streaming

“I even missed streaming so much. Really, I came to the realization while I was away that it’s become an outlet for me, so much,” he said, before laughing. “I’ve lost so many friends these last 20 days because they’re so sick of me! I just non-stop had so much energy. I’ve been working out every day [to get it out].

“It’s been a crazy past few weeks. Absolutely f**king wild, and not a good time. It’s been the worst time, really, for me. And I missed you all so much.”

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