Jake Paul Says He Would Like To ‘Beat Up’ Conor McGregor

The most talked about celebrity boxer currently is evidently Jake ‘Problem Child’ Paul.

With his antiques and gimmicks, Jake Paul is taking over the world of YouTube boxing.

Jake’s Upcoming Fight

With his undefeated streak since 2018 in the sport, Jake Paul now wants to level up. His challengers have been growing bigger and better with time. Jake Paul has fought three bouts to date and he has won all of them.

Jake’s upcoming fight is against former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on August 29th. However, he has already been eyeing his next opponents.

Jake has called out MMA fighters Nate Diaz, Canelo, and even Conor McGregor.

In a recent interview with MMAFightingonSBN, Jake Paul talked about Conor’s apparent loss in his last match against Dustin Porier.

‘He Is Not The Same Conor’

“He sort of lost that spunk, and I think that people are kind of second-guessing him,” he began.

“He’s not the same Conor, that’s for sure. It’s not as interesting. However, I would still just like to beat him up. I would want him to freak out in the ring and go crazy and lose his shit. I think it would be funny to see him break down, like how he did against Dustin Poirier.”

Will Jake Paul Vs Conor McGregor Happen?

Conor McGregor has not shown similar interest in fighting the younger Paul brother Jake Paul but with the current developments, it seems that a mat h between Jake and Conor is inevitable in the near future.

Conor McGregor has expressed his plans to shift to professional boxing from Mixed Martial Arts. Tell us in the comments if you want to see Jake Paul Vs Conor McGregor happening in the future.

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