Harry Potter Live-Action TV Series In Early Development At HBO Max

Sources have claimed that a Harry Potter live-action TV series is in the early development stage at HBO Max. The Hollywood Reporter reports that executives at the WarnerMedia backed streamer have engaged in various conversations with potential writers.

They are exploring multiple ideas that would bring the property to television. The sources also revealed that some broad ideas have been discussed as part of the early-stage exploratory meanings. However, there are discussions among the executives at HBO Max and Warners to find suitable writers and pitch for the show.

Although there have been no attachments at the moment as no deals have been made. “There is no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform,”; HBO Max and Warner Bros. reaffirmed in a statement to THR.

As the world of Harry Potter is expanding, it remains a top priority for HBO Max and Warner Bros., along with J.K. Rowling who holds control over the rights of property. Harry Potter remains one of the most valuable pieces of Warner Bros.

However, it is also noteworthy to remember that while the franchise remains a fan-favorite all over; Rowling has sparked a backlash from the trans community after saying that transgender individuals should be defined by their biological sex.

Coming back to the big news, the talks for the Harry Potter TV series should not come as a surprise to fans. The franchise held a lot of value to Warner Bros. The seven-book series written by Rowling was adapted into 8 feature films that earned more than $7 billion worldwide.

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Harry Potter Rights Is A Complicated Issue

Warner Bros also have Fantastic Beasts prequel series of films as the third movie is under production and will probably be released next year. The franchise might have two other movies moving forward.

The plans for Harry Potter TV series expansion comes at a time when WarnerMedia is focusing on its streaming service. HBO Max was launched last year; and has become one of the valuable streaming services as it consists of its intellectual property. The service has been a platform for DC Comics films as it consists of various spin-offs.

HBO Max is also bringing back the superhit series Friends reunion; Game of Thrones, and all of HBO’s originals namely Sex and the City. However, the Harry Potter franchise has a bit of complication when it comes to its rights. As Rowling controls the franchise and has a say in everything that involves Harry Potter.

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