Growing up, Rhea Ripley adored everything about The Miz.

Growing up, Rhea Ripley adored everything about The Miz

WWE talent Rhea Ripley appeared on the brand new Under the Ring podcast to discuss her recent activities with the company. Ripley, in particular, expressed her delight at hearing past top female talents Lita and the Bella Twins express interest in facing Ripley in future fights.

Ripley exclaimed, “It’s nuts.” “It honestly makes me incredibly enthusiastic, both for now and in the future.” Because, as it stands, these things may happen. It’s a dream come true to step into the ring with Lita or The Bellas, and it’s incredible to think that they’re going to do so with me. I just can’t seem to get over it. It’s thrilling, and I don’t know, I look at myself and go, ‘Yeah, that’s me.’ ‘You know, whatever.’

“I’m used to it, and I’m well aware of my capabilities.” At the same time, I don’t consider myself to be very unique. But it’s absurd to hear from them that they want to enter the ring with me. It makes me extremely pleased, excited, and proud of myself all at once.” 

Ripley also mentioned some of her favourite wrestlers from her childhood. Despite stating that she was a great admirer of Triple H’s, Ripley stated that her favourite wrestler was none other than The Miz. Ripley said, “I had a couple.” “Of course, I adored Triple H. The Miz, on the other hand, was my all-time favourite. I used to like everything about The Miz when I was a kid. I admired his haughty demeanour and liked the way he talked, strutted around, and pretended to be the boss. But he also ran away from people like John Cena on occasion. I mean, I’m not sure. Everything about The Miz appealed to me.” 

Rhea Ripley appreciated Scott Garland

Rhea Ripley gave a lot of appreciation to Scott Garland, also known as Scotty 2 Hotty, for helping her out the most when she was going through the WWE Performance Center. “The major one, as I usually say,” Ripley continued, “is Scotty 2 Hotty.” “He reminded me of my wrestling father. I was quite unhappy and down at the performance centre at one point, and it was entirely due to my profession. It was because of life generally, and I was in Scotty’s class with Raquel Gonzalez, and we were the only two girls in a room full of straight-up men, and Scotty believed in us the entire time.

“Every time he spotted someone bringing us down, he would pull us aside and tell us that we were doing terrific and that we were learning every day to keep our chins up and just keep hustling and pushing through.” He taught me a great deal about the industry. I’ll be eternally grateful to him.”

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