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Bella Poarch Wants To Top The Justin Bieber “Stay” Trend On TikTok

TikToker Bella Poarch has jumped on the ongoing viral trend on TikTok! What is it about?

Well, the ‘Stay’ trend where Justin Bieber and Kid Laraoi’s song plays in the video and the trend starts with the caption on the video “there’s no way people actually like this song” and then the person goes on to add a twist in it.

How Did The Stay Trend Start?

The trend started with a TikTok user @maxtaylorlifts when he posted the TikTok on July 26. To date it has amassed more than 55 million views with 7.8 million likes in total. But the record that MaxTaylorLifts set was broken when another viral video of the same trend overtook him.

The new leading video of “Stay” trend was posted by TikToker @totouchanemu. The video has garnered 165 Million views and close to 30.5 million likes. In the video, the TikToker adds a new realm to the trend when he uses the creativity of his drone.

The video is captioned “I may not have @maxtaylorlifts’ dumpy but I do have a drone.”

Bella Poarch’s Attempt

Now, after this craze was hopped on by everyone, it was Bella Poarch’s turn. She collaborated with @totouchanemu for producing the biggest video of the “Stay” trend and lead the trend but her dream seems far from true currently.

Bella Poarch’s version of the trend has over 85 million views and 14.4 million likes. The song is so insanely popular that Dylan O’Brien, who’s not even on TikTok, has joined in with friends dancing to the song.

“Inferno” Music

Recently, Bella’s ‘Inferno’ music video’s teaser was out and fans are excited than ever!

Her upcoming music video features some of the best Twitch streamers and influencers in the world such as Adin Ross, Ludwig, Disguise Toast, and Tommyinnit

Inferno will also star Sub Urban. Its more like a return favor because Bella Poarch also starred in his music video titled ‘Cirque’ in early 2021.

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