Ex- Husband Of Britney Spears ‘Jason Alexander’ Talks About Their Marriage And How He Got Tricked News

Ex- Husband Of Britney Spears ‘Jason Alexander’ Talks About Their Marriage And How He Got Tricked

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Time icon July 17, 2021

Britney Spears’ first husband Jason Alexander has revealed that he was deceived into breaking up their marriage (annulled).

Jason says that he was given the promise that one day they will have a real marriage if he annuls the marriage at that time.

Jason Alexander, who tied the knot with Britney Spears, 39, at a Las Vegas church in 2004, appeared in a recent episode of Toxic: The Britney Spears Story podcast, and recalled signing official papers declaring their marriage invalid or having no legal existence shortly after their marriage news broke out.

What Did Jason Say?

And now, Jason has no reason to believe that he was not deceived. He says that he has been tricked into ending their marriage with a promise that they will be allowed to continue their relationship.

“They told me if I would sign the contracts – the annulment – they would let me and Britney continue our relationship, and if we felt the same way in six months they would give us a proper marriage,” he sharedq, but it’s not clear who he was referencing. “So I had no reason to believe otherwise. I thought that’s what the truth was. They were allowing Britney and I to still have phone communication.”

Short Lived Marriage

The marriage of Jason with Britney Spears ended just after 55 hours they tied the knot.

He said in the podcast episode that: “So we talked every day and I still believed in the story I was told, that they would let us continue talking and we would have this wedding next time we felt the same way,” Jason continues.

Jason went on to say that his lawyers told him he had 30 days to appeal the papers he has signed declaring the marriage as invalid or he would lose contact with Britney, but he did not believe his lawyers.

Jason Loses Contact With Britney

He never objected to the marriage annulment and went on to talk to Britney. However, by the time he reached the deadline mentioned in the legal contract, Britney’s number had apparently changed.

“Literally the day after the 30 days was up, I remember trying to call the number I had for Britney and it was like, ‘Beep, beep, beep.’ I’m like, ‘F***! They got me! Motherf***er!’ So that was it,” he said.

The marriage, apparently, did not last long, but Jason still remembers it very well.

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