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Britney Spears Mother Says Her Daughter Should Be Allowed To Choose Her Lawyer

Pop star Britney Spears is able to look after for herself and make her own decision. Thus, she should be given the right to choose her own lawyer, her mother said.

In a lawsuit filed this week in Los Angeles, California, Ms. Spears’ lawyers said that her daughter “should have to be allowed to consult with an attorney of her choice.”

At a hearing last month, the American singer had strongly voiced her agitation for an end to the legal Conservatorship system which dominated her life since 2008.

Resignation By Lawyer And Manager

Earlier this week, the court-appointed attorney submitted his resignation from the service.

Recently in a statement to the court last month, Spears revealed that he discouraged her from speaking the facts saying that she wanted the right to choose her own legal team.

Larry Rudolph, her longtime manager, has also announced that he will resign.

Lynne Spears’ legal application came out as one of the conservators asked the court to approve a higher defense costs.

Previous Court Ruling

Jodie Montgomery, who manages Britney Spears’ physical and mental well-being has revealed that she is receiving threats on social media, direct dial telephone calls and e-mails.

Last week, a US judge ruled to dismiss the pop star’s request to end her father, Jamie’s role in the position of a conservator. Judge Brenda Penny said she could not make a ruling until the singer files a formal petition to terminate the arrangement.

Next Court Date

The case is scheduled to be heard at a public hearing on the 14th of July.

In a statement, Lynn Spears has mentioned that her daughter’s capacity as of today is quite a bit different than what it was when the conservatorship was imposed.

She said the singer was “able to care for her person” and should “no longer be held to the 2008 standard”.

Britney, 39, has been under the conservatorship since that year, when concerns over her mental health prompted her father to petition the court for legal authority over his daughter’s life.

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